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Among its policies to ensure an adequate quality control and the constant creation of value in its consultancies, has implemented permanent assistance to its customers, from the initial contact and throughout the process that takes place our services.


This quality control includes a written evaluation once the service has been completed, which will be supervised by the responsible partner, who will be personally involved in answering any questions or suggestions from customers about these matters.



 Full guarantee in case of disagreement with our services, will be returned the amount paid for fees.

Ask questions that you deem convenient in relation to the service provided, and any concerns you have will be quickly resolved by our professionals who will return your call promptly.


Independent firm, which has no conflicts of interest.

Dedication and consideration, by all the members of the firm.



Keep informed of the status and progress of their subjects with sufficient information that allows them to participate in the development of their businesses.

Reasonable fee for the work done and to be clear about how it will be billed. Said agreement will be previously defined, through a formal proposal of fees.

Confidentiality of legal and tax issues in general, which will be kept under the protection of professional secrecy.


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